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Vermeer BoreAssist

Vermeer BoreAssist

Helps operators change or create bore plans on-rig. Preloaded templates consider user-entered data for entry and exit points, depths, product type, obstacles.

$1,000.00 USD

Vermeer BoreAssist details, compatibility, requirements

Vermeer BoreAssist lets licensed users load, edit and/or create a bore plan on the DCI® DigiTrak® Aurora® display. When coupled with Log-While-Drilling (LWD™), you can compare Log-While-Drilling data to the plan using BoreAssist. The drill operator can then follow the rod-by-rod plan to drill the planned bore. Using the LWD Live™ and BoreAssist applications combined helps the user drill according to plan, reducing potential corrections throughout the bore.


Product specification

BoreAssist is an on-rig application with these key functions:
- Load a plan from Vermeer Projects onto the rig
- Re-plan or adjust a bore on-rig
- Compare the log while drilling data to the plan
- Use on-rig rod-by-rod bore planning with preloaded templates
- Add obstacles and utilities
- Define a diameter and clearance radius for utilities

System requirements

DigiTrak Aurora display, AP8, AF10, AF8


Product compatibility

Vermeer Projects, LWD Live


Equipment compatibility

BoreAssist will work on any Vermeer drill with a DigiTrak Aurora display.
BoreAssist with live drill-head tracking requires DCI LWD Live and a corresponding DCI locator. Contact your local Vermeer dealer for details on how to purchase locating equipment.