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Must first own Vermeer Projects to purchase. Visually capture planned, existing utility locations on Google Maps images. 

Visualize your jobsite, intended bore path with +Mapping option

Upgrading to +Mapping gives crew leaders the ability to visually capture the jobsite over a Google Maps image, including intended bore path whiteline, pothole locations, locate positions, marked utilities and bore path as-built. Achieve even better accuracy by pairing a GPS-enabled smart device with an external GPS antenna (sold separately) or importing CSV/DXF topography files. 

System Requirements 

Internet connection
PC/Laptop - Windows 7, 8.1, 10 - Chrome optimized, Firefox compatible
Macintosh - OS X - Chrome optimized, Firefox compatible
Android 7.0+
iOS 10.0+
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Product Compatibility

Must first purchase Vermeer Projects.
Vermeer BoreAssist, BorePlan Add-on

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