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All the functionality of +Mapping, plus bore line mapping and rod-by-rod planning. 

+BorePlan option helps you plan, communicate HDD projects

Take all the functionality of Projects +Mapping, add bore line mapping and rod-by-rod bore planning, and you have +BorePlan. With settings for product pipe tolerance and drill rod bend radius, users can properly plan their HDD project within industry standards and communicate it efficiently to everyone involved with the job. Utilize an entry distance offset for the bore profile, which allows for a non-zero starting point to align with job stationing. View your bore profile in a side view and account for drill bit or reamer size to visualize utility avoidance. Users can also integrate their as-drilled data seamlessly into Projects +BorePlan directly from LWDTM files produced by select DCI® locators.

System Requirements

Internet connection
PC/Laptop - Windows 7, 8.1, 10 - Chrome optimized, Firefox compatible
Macintosh - OS X - Chrome optimized, Firefox compatible
Android 7.0+
iOS 10.0+

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Product Compatibility

Vermeer BoreAssist, Vermeer Projects+Mapping

Equipment Compatibility

As-drilled data can only be integrated from DCI® Falcon® F5® and classic F5 locator files. Classic F5 files are only Android device compatible. Falcon F5 files are compatible with Apple and Android devices.

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