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Vermeer Fleet +Edge HDD

Vermeer Fleet +Edge HDD

Vermeer Fleet upgrade! Vermeer Fleet +Edge HDD for horizontal directional drills turns machine-collected data into actionable information to help improve productivity on and off the machine.


Manage drill performance with every rod

Vermeer Fleet +Edge HDD helps increase job productivity by managing and analyzing operational data. With this tool you can capture near real-time machine data, such as mud flow, thrust and pullback force and rotational torque on a rod-by-rod basis. Operations and fleet managers can review machine information at any point in time during or after a drilling operation to help improve the performance of the equipment and crews.
Requires an active Fleet subscription. (Existing or purchased with Fleet +Edge.)

Steps for purchasing Vermeer Fleet +Edge HDD

  1. Confirm installation of telematics hardware on machine
  2. Purchase or verify active Vermeer Fleet subscription
  3. Purchase Vermeer Fleet +Edge HDD upgrade

Product specifications

- Portal connectivity via cellular service
- GPS location
- Up to 30-days data storage* when out of cell range
- Unlimited number of customer user accounts per machine
- Standard Vermeer Fleet features remain visible

See dealer for additional specification.
Regional limitations apply. Contact your dealer or [email protected] for limitations.
*Storage varies based on use and amount of data

System requirements

Internet connection
PC/Laptop - Windows 7, 8.1, 10 - Chrome optimized, Internet Explorer in compatibility mode
Macintosh - OS X - Chrome optimized
iPhone/iPad - iOS - Chrome optimized
Android phone/tablet - Android - Chrome optimized


Product compatibility

Standard Vermeer Fleet subscription is required; contact your dealer or [email protected] to verify status.

Equipment compatibility

D23x30 S3 Navigator® HDD (software version 160 and above)
D24x40 S3 Navigator® HDD (software version 150 and above)
D40x55 S3 Navigator® HDD (software version 150 and above)

Machine must be equipped with telematics hardware. Contact your dealer to verify hardware requirements are met.